Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Imagine - the talents in Hong Kong

The current exhibition at the HKCL Gallery features the young artist Johnson Tsang entitled "Imagine". My gallery visit was a unique experience. It points to one reason why Hong Kong is such a special place - so rich, so predictable, yet ever-changing. I am impressed.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

The New Face of Central

Yessterday, life started to pick up pace. With a late start in the morning, we headed out to Quarry Bay Park. Passed by Tai Koo Estate and saw the Wan Fung Art Gallery and spent a good hour there. Quite impressive to see the work of the new generation of Chinese painters, mastery of traditional technique with a modern sensibility. Mr. Kwok, the owner was being interviewed for a tv program so I listened in for a bit. The work of a Mr. Suen Jianlin with his "colourful manifestation of lines & curves" combining western modern technique with traditional Chinese folk art is especially inspirational. I'm very tempted to buy the catalogue of his work.

Back to the park, I found a quiet place to do my taichi routine, first time since over a week, felt much better after.

Salted chicken lunch at Tai Gar Lok, then took the West Central Tram to the end. That's where the Western Market has been converted into a tourist point. I discovered that what remained of Fa Bo Gei has been moved to it's 2nd floor - great browsing but not really with any intention to shop, not for now at least. There was a French lady there buying up yard after yard of Thai silk. Must felt like great bargain.

I didn't really have any objective in mind. So since I saw the harbour looking our the window on the top floor of the Western Market and was pulled by it, we headed out and got onto the skywalk. The extensive skywalk system connects us all the way to East Central so we started strolling east. I like strolling along the skywalks for many reasons. It is away from the hassel and bussel of the city; it affords great views; we can sit and rest from time to time; the interconnecting shopping areas break up the monotony.

At the HK/Macau/China terminus I looked at the holiday packages advertised by the travel agents. They were also selling cheap last minute boat fare to Macau, shouting at the top of their voices. Outside the Four Season Hotel, the landscaping is modern and tasteful. Between the 4-Seasons and the IFC is the new Lane Crawford, high style as usual. In the mall is City Shop, the fancy grocer that will satisfy any international craves and desires on an unlimited budget.

As the office workers started to pour out in all directions, we hurriedly made our way to the MTR which took us home in a jiffy.
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