Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ying & Yang

This is my first post since returning from Hong Kong.

Denna Crain invited me to take her Class at Quilt University. I chosed her recent Crystal Quilt session and had a fabulous time. Making these two Crystal Quilts had been a wonderful way to get me back into the quilt making grooves. Although there remains a few finishing touches, I declare my CQ # 1&2 finished.

I showed my CQ's to my visitors yesterday. While discussing them, my friend convinced me that what I have made is a sequel to my 'Taiji Journey'. These two quilts can be seen as representing the energy balance of Ying and Yang. There is Ying within the Yang (CQ #1) and in a similar way, the Ying (CQ #2) is supported by the Yang energy. Out of Nothingness, the two poles of the Supreme Ultimate are born.
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