Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Catch me if you can!

2010 is a year of playing catch-up: with family and friends, with work and play, with old traditions and new adventures. There has been important milestones worthy of highlighting. Clement received his 35 Year Long Service Award at Concordia University and looks forward to formal retirement come 2012. Lily looked back at the past decade as a retiree from computer software development and feels firmly grounded in her creative pursuits using needles and threads. Sigmund and Edmund discovered their Chinese roots and made plans for the future to come. The world marched on with long strides in the direction of social networking and we put in efforts to keep pace. So with a fewer words, and a selection of images, I am setting down the 2010 marker. No more catching up, just moving onward.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ying & Yang

This is my first post since returning from Hong Kong.

Denna Crain invited me to take her Class at Quilt University. I chosed her recent Crystal Quilt session and had a fabulous time. Making these two Crystal Quilts had been a wonderful way to get me back into the quilt making grooves. Although there remains a few finishing touches, I declare my CQ # 1&2 finished.

I showed my CQ's to my visitors yesterday. While discussing them, my friend convinced me that what I have made is a sequel to my 'Taiji Journey'. These two quilts can be seen as representing the energy balance of Ying and Yang. There is Ying within the Yang (CQ #1) and in a similar way, the Ying (CQ #2) is supported by the Yang energy. Out of Nothingness, the two poles of the Supreme Ultimate are born.
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