Saturday, December 1, 2007

Segue -- Pronunciation: (sā'gwā, seg'wā)

First morning of the last month of this year.
How time flies!
It was shortly after the new year 2007 that I began with you.
I might have subjected you to periodic neglect, but I don't think we did all that badly, everything considered.
Should I promise I will come more regularly from now on? in teh coming year?
Why bother. I think we are doing just fine. Anyhow this is an exciting morning, a bright cold winter morning. I suppose winter has come to settled in earnest as predicted. The sun rise I saw out of the window was just beautiful, pre-breakfast and breakfast conversations were more exciting than normal. A good beginning.

Now is a good time to segue. Yes, to seque. This is the reason why I'm writing now. What an exciting idea this is. Can't wait to see how it will develop.