Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The garden floor turned white last night ...

The garden floor turned white last night as I glanced out of the window beside my bed. First snow of the season softly felt. It was a magical moment, but I was tired. I thought to myself, "I should sleep well tonight. I finally put some order to the recent snapshots and uploaded the results. Tomorrow I can start thinking seriously about packing. By week's end, I shall be back close to the Tropic of Cancer, I shall be a child again and spend some time with mother."

In the past few months, I ran myself ragged with deadlines. The deadlines came and past. I had fun with my play, perhaps a little too much fun. I felt I was on the edge of losing it, losing the balance, the harmony, the ugly word - control. I must be more careful in the new year. I must watch myself and stay away from the temptation of over-committing.

It will be the beginning of the New Year when I will return to my studio again. So it is appropriate to write about my Open Studio experience back in October.

Arts Westmount 2008 took place the weekend of October 18 and 19. This was the second Arts Westmount event and the first time I participated. It proved to be a great experience even if it was a fair bit of effort to pull it off.

As usual, I didn't finish all I wanted to do, but that's very much expected. it's the norm of my life. The unexpected twist was the emergence water main break disaster. Having to deal with workmen digging holes on my front lawn and inside my studio space when I needed to do last minute preparation and cleanup was a nightmare I can do without..

The visits were interesting and the visitors interested. I even made some sales! It feels good to be appreciated, especially when people were ready to part with their cash. Would I do it again? Most probably. It was an interesting stopping point on my on-going journey. The best part of it was meeting and interacting with all the "chance" visitors.

As I like to do with me new adventures, I took lots of photos. My camera has become my trusted notepad. So another album has been added to the collection.

See it at http://picasaweb.google.ca/MoonGlowStudio/ArtsWestmount2008#

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